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Tucker's Structures

Why Choose Tucker's Coops

If you’re searching for high quality, durable, value priced chicken coops, and then you’ve found the right place.

Tucker’s Coops specializes in chicken coops, but also builds high quality Sheds/Stalls/Run-ins.

We design and build our high quality chicken coops in the United States, and ship them anywhere in the lower 48 states. We specialize in both stock and custom chicken coops.

Here’s some of the reason’s our customers love our chicken coops:

- Built to last. We use high quality, pressure treated plywood, not particle board. Pressure treated wood is wood that has undergone a process to make it more durable so that it is not susceptible to water, rot, termites, or fungus.

- Designed to look better and work better. Our chicken coops have been meticulously designed by an engineer, who also has years of hands on experience in raising chickens. So our chicken coops are structurally designed to look great and to be practical / functional.

- Hand made by skilled craftsman. Our chicken coops are each individually made by hand in the United States by a skilled team of builders. Our builders specialize in building chicken coops, and take great pride in the quality of our products.

- Low overhead. We’re not a huge company, and we don’t have a big office, tons of employees, expensive advertising budgets, etc. We keep our expenses low, and are able to offer very competitive prices for very high quality products.

- Fast, affordable shipping. No games here, we charge you what it costs us. We’ve shopped for the best shipping prices, and pass those savings on to you.

- Backyard chicken coop experts. Sure, we can design and built large volume chicken coops, but our specialty is in backyard coops. We like to think we’re experts in backyard chicken coops.

- Satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re not happy with your chicken coop, call us. We’ll make it right or take it back.

- Great value. We’re not the cheapest, but you’re not buying a chicken coop for a few days. You’ll probably keep it for many years, so in the long run, value is critical. We think we offer the very best value for quality backyard chicken coops.

- Real people. We design and build chicken coops because of our experience in the business and our love of raising chickens. We started with an idea to build a better chicken coup. Once our friends saw how great our coops were, they wanted one. And our neighbors wanted us to build one for them, and then their friends and neighbors, and so on. We knew we had a great product, and are proud to offer it to the public at competitive prices.

- If you have a question just call or write

Need Feed Back!

Having the best coops doesn't mean you are going to have the best web-site.
Please don't leave without using the Contact form to let me know what you thought of my web-site or giving me some advice on how to make it better.

I need all the help I can get!

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But none better than Tucker's!

Pickering Valley Feed and Farm Store

If you are looking for just the right breed of chicken
Go to
They also carry all the supplies you could ever need.
Ask for Randy "The Chicken Man" Walker
He knows everything there is to know about chickens.
While there, you can see Tucker's Coops on display

For more information on how to care for your chickens, and how to get the best use out of your chicken coop, please click on the link below:

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