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About tucker

I blame it all on my brother!

I grew up never having any farm animals, just one dog.

Much later in life, for some reason, my brother decided to raise turkeys.

Several seasons of 50 or so 50 pound turkeys (that had to be butchered) later, he decided chickens would be a better idea.

Not one to spend money on farm animal accommodations, my brother housed his chickens in an old wooden box with a roof.  Being a poor design, it was not well suited for roosting, nesting, or cleaning, nor did it do a good job keeping predators at bay.  Then there was appearance.  Let's just say, he wasn't making any friends with his neighbors.

Feeling guilty about their living conditions, I decided to do the research required to either build or acquire a coop for his chickens.  After 3 books and visits to 15 different retailers, I realized that although I did like many of the designs being offered, I did not like the quality of the craftsmanship of the materials being used.  Not to mention the pricing structure, which charged extra for too many basic features.

So I decided to develop a product of my own. One that did not skimp on the hidden quality (those things that you don't notice right away, but will be sad about later (i.e. 2x6 pt joist, pt plywood floor - No OSB!)). As well as one that included those things that everyone needs as a base feature (i.e. glassboard floor, insulated metal roof). The designs are similar to those that many offer and so is the base price, but the included features, materials, and quality are far superior. You couldn't even ask for what I give for free!

So here I am, staying up late learning how to build a website, handing out brochures at every opportunity, and driving around with chicken coops in the back of my truck. Not to mention my chicken coop at home with 15 chickens in it. Pedaling chicken coops is now my side job, something I have invested a surprisingly large amount of time and money into, hoping I at least break even. Let's just say, I now understand why the competition does what they do, but I am going to stick with my model, selling something nice makes a much better hobby.

Speaking of nice things, now that all the infrastructure is in place, I also offer many other structures which follow the same model. Horse stalls, dog pens, rabbit hutches, and storage sheds. All better than you can get anywhere else!

If you are in the market for a chicken coop or any other products we offer, please take the time to compare. I am certain my products are far superior to all the competition and at a better price. That is where my slogan comes from, "Better Built at a Better Price".

If you do like what you see, please tell a friend, all your friends for that matter. For me to break even on this venture, I need your help. I need all the possible clients I can get!



Tucker with one of his first coops!

Tucker with one of his first coops!