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Raising Chickens!

There are more benefits to raising chickens than just fresh eggs!  Here are just a few of the reasons we love our feathery friends, as well as some tips to get started!

Benefits of raising backyard chickens!

Chicken eggs with a fall background

Chickens Lay Eggs!

There's no better morning routine than brewing a pot of coffee and cracking a fresh egg over a skillet.  Of course, this is the main perk to raising your own chickens.   The eggs are fresh, taste great, and are packed with vitamins, Omega-3, and Beta Carotene.  Not to mention, by owning your own chickens, you control what goes into the egg production and don't contribute to the cruel living conditions of factory farming.

Excellent Fertilizer/Compost

Every gardener knows the benefits of good compost!  Chicken manure contains an ample amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  It is much better for your garden than store bought, synthetic fertilizers, and your plants will thank you for it!

Low Maintenance

Raising chickens is considered fairly low maintenance compared to other farm animals or livestock.  Like all other animals, they need to be fed and given clean water.  Make sure to provide a coop for them to nest in, and you're all set!

Make Great Pets

Many chicken keepers we meet absolutely love their flock, and not just because they provide them with eggs or meat.  To many people's surprise, chickens actually have individual personalities and are affectionate towards humans!  Some are sweet, some are shy, some are goofy and others are grouchy.  Chickens can also form devoted bonds to their caretakers and enjoy cuddles!

All Natural Pest & Weed Control

Everyone and their mother hates seasonal pests like flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.  You know who doesn't though?  Chickens!  Your new pets will hunt and peck all over your yard for their "delicious little treats."  They will even protect your gardens from pests that can damage your hard work.  Say "No" to bug bites and "Yes" to fresh eggs!

Cut Down on Food Waste

Across the United States, 29 million tons of food scraps are sent to landfills!  Promote healthier, and cleaner living by giving your feathery friends your leftover kitchen scraps.  They can eat fruit and vegetable peelings, bread, cooked beans, cooked rice, and more!  While most food scraps are healthy for chickens, some are not, so make sure to read before you feed!

Chicken raising 101