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Coop Placement

Once you have your new flock and coop picked out, there are a few things you can choose to do to prepare for your new coop!

Installation Recommendations



  • Looks the best
  • Makes everything easier

Keep Close

  • Don't place the coop too far from the house
  • Keeps caring for your flock convenient

South Facing

  • Helps with warmth in the winter months

Partially Shaded

  • Not too hot, chickens can have a hard time regulating their temperatures in the summer months

Near Electric

  • Allows for a heated water drinker in the winter
  • Can install lights in the coop for maximum egg production
  • Automatic door to make the process easy and convenient


  • Helps prevent predators from digging
  • Use 6"x6" treated beams
  • For a 4x7 Nancy, use a 4'6" x 7'3" Reveal (See Diagram on the Left)