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what makes us different?

Real Lumber

Real Lumber

All of our products are made from real, top quality, premium lumber.  Built with 2x6 pressure treated floor joists, even our smallest coops weigh over 500 pounds!  

"Extras" Come Standard

Metal Roof

Tucker started building his own coops because companies were charging extra for features we felt should be standard.  At Tucker's Coops,  "extras" like insulated metal roofs, solid pine board and baton siding, operational windows, and glass board floors all come standard.

Coop Concierge

Coop Concierge

Automate your chicken raising experience with the Coop Concierge!  Designed by Tucker himself, the touch screen device is placed inside the coop and will automatically open and close the coop doors at the programmed time, ensure your hens get a full 12 hours of light per day, no matter the season, and automatically turn on any heater or fans necessary.

Real People

American Flag

From design to assembly, Tucker's Coops are proudly built by hand right here in Pennsylvania!  Give us a call and talk to Tucker himself, or meet him when we deliver your coop!

Fully Customizable

Wood Shop

Do you dream about chickens every night?  Don’t worry, we do too!  Give us a call and we will help build that coop you dream about!  

White Glove Delivery

Chicken Coop Delivery

Your satisfaction is most important to us!  We won't just leave your coop on your driveway or street.  Our team will place your coop exactly where you'd like, and they always come fully assembled!

Tons of Cool Options!

Metal Roof Color

Metal Roof

Different styles to match current backyard structures!

Siding Stain & Paint Colors

Chicken Coop

Pick a color that will compliment your backyard surroundings!

Electrical Package

Electrical Package

The electrical package allows for lights, heaters, the Coop Concierge, or any other needs!

Clean Out Lid

Clean Out Lid

Makes cleaning out your coop a breeze!  Simply lift the lid and sweep the bedding!

Coop Concierge

Coop Concierge

Hate waking up early to let out your hens?  Our Coop Concierge has your back!

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Go green and save green!  20 watt panel capable of door and light operations!

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Offers peace of mind during power outages and maintains the coop's systems!


Chicken Coop Wheels

Like to rearrange the backyard a lot but don't so much enjoy the heavy lifting?

Wire over Windows

Metal Over Window

Offers extra protection from predators, or even clumsy people!



A fun word to say and a great way to give your coop a custom look!



Want to add even more style than just a plain cupola?  



Keep your chickens water clean from droppings and debris!

The "Nancy" Style Coop!

Check out Tucker showing off a newly built, 5' x 8' Nancy model chicken coop!

The "Sarah" Style Chicken Coop

Our "Sarah" model chicken coop is great for those who want additional storage attached to their coop!  The model shown holds up to 16 hens, and does it in style!